4 Top Explanations of Why More People Prefer Cremation

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It's important for you to know that the most valid reason for choosing cremation is your reason. You don't owe anyone -- not me, your funeral director, or your minister, priest or rabbi -- any explanation whatsoever. College graduates are more likely to consider cremation than someone with a high school education or a high school dropout. Wealthy people view cremation as a viable disposition option whereas people who have little (or no) disposable income tend to choose burial for their dead.

For numerous reasons, families are splitting up across the country. Mom and dad may have their roots planted in one area and their grown children have relocated. It is very common nowadays for families to be split. This makes taking care of graves a very difficult, if not impossible task. For these people cremation is starting to look more like a viable option.

1. People are enjoying much longer lives the average life expectancy for males is over 73 years of age, and for females it is nearly 80. This lets people have more time for pre-planning of funerals and complex decision making.

2. More people are moving further from their original homes. This leaves fewer people behind to tend to family graves. Taking care of cemetery property is now considered a burden that most people don't want to worry about.

3. The idea of cremation becoming more "acceptable" and more religious groups are changing their stance on the subject-giving an increased number of people the freedom to explore cremation as an option.

4. People are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the traditional cemetery, ranging from taking up land-space to chemicals released into the earth and the ecological impact of using trees and other natural resources for burial.

There is no disputing the facts that cremation is becoming a well-liked option to burial. And, more funeral homes and cemeteries are joining the trend of "green burials" which don't use dangerous chemicals in preparing the body. Many use eco-friendly caskets.

People who believe that the Bible (or any sacred textbook) is the literal word of God will almost universally choose burial over cremation. People who consider themselves "spiritual" or "other" on census forms or public polls will strongly consider cremation when a death occurs. There has been a curve in traditional thinking about this. Religious groups are becoming more receptive to cremation and the "ashes to ashes" concept.

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4 Top Explanations of Why More People Prefer Cremation

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This article was published on 2010/04/02