Keepsake Cremation Urns - A Special Way to Honor Your Loved One

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Most people assume their only options for cremation urns fall into two categories: box or vase shaped memorial containers. There are actually many other unique designs that offer a new way to honor the passing of a loved one. Keepsake cremation urns come in all shapes with many designs that offer a new take on the basic cremation urn. Consider the many different styles of keepsake urns available. They also come in a variety of price ranges, so find a style that offers a lot of quality that will fit well into the funeral budget.

Sculpted urns are one design that can really personalize the memorial service. Some families choose religious figures, such as angels or a cross, while others go for a shape that is specific to their deceased loved one's life. Even pet urns come in sculpted styles. Manufacturer's now offer urns that are shaped to look like life-sized versions of your pet, even if your pet was a large canine.

Another option for keepsake cremation urns are the trinket or pendant sized containers. These are small, almost jewelry-like in design. Some even come with velvet or wooden display cases that are nothing short of luxurious.

If you are seeking a traditional style with a unique look, try a heart or circular shaped cremation urn. These keep to all the standard urn designs, but with one of a kind characteristics.

Useful urns are also available. These include clock urns, picture frame urns, or even desk urns that are also pen holders. These offer a practical way to remember your loved one. Plus, these types of urns tend to be easier to display, fitting right in on your home desk, mantle or wall shelf.

There is no limit to options when searching for the perfect keepsake cremation urns. Whether you want a useful memorial container or something that is completely specific to your departed loved on, you can find a style that fits your preferences and budget. Your loved one would truly appreciate your decision to honor them with a tasteful, yet uncommon memorial urn.

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Keepsake Cremation Urns - A Special Way to Honor Your Loved One

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This article was published on 2010/04/14