New Trends In Cremation Jewelry And Keepsake Memorial Jewelry

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Cremation jewelry and keepsake jewelry are the new trends for memorializing loved ones. Both the kinds contain some of the cremated ashes of a deceased family member or loved ones. It is a modern take on cremation and comes in variety of forms. The jewelries are especially preferred by those who like to keep the memories of loved ones private to themselves. Here are few examples of cremation and keepsake jewelry that is currently in vogue.

Cremation Pendants

They actually contain the last remains of the loved one. It is a novel way to keep the memories alive for generations to come. Talented artisans engage their skill and care to create unique pendants. Some are even handcrafted as well. The transparent crystal, the amethyst cylinder, the quartz crystal, and the glass cylinder are some common styles of cremation pendants.

Keepsake Pendants

These are more used as compliments to traditional urns. They contain tiny bits of the love ones remains as well as the picture of the deceased. Keepsakes can be given as gifts too. For those family members who live thousands of miles apart and cannot make it to the funeral, they can have the keepsakes made specially.

Cremation Necklaces

The popularity of cremation necklaces have increased with cremation itself. They are available in huge variety of shapes, colors and materials. Unlike traditional jewelry pieces, these contain small portion of the loved one's remain or let's say, a lock of hair. Some of them can also be designed to display special engraved words. Keepsake necklaces have similar function too.

Apart from the above jewelry pieces, one can also buy cremation or keepsake cufflinks and rings. Due to the increasing demand for memorial jewelries, demand for ashes to make jewelry has increased too. Though it is a bit debatable on the grounds of extreme commercialization, it is still a preferred option for those who want to feel the closeness of the departed person through the last remaining cremation ashes.

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Nevertheless, the cremation jewelry and keepsake memorial jewelry are two convenient options for people wishing to preserve the memories associated with a departed soul. Truly, no price can ever justify their importance; they are priceless.

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New Trends In Cremation Jewelry And Keepsake Memorial Jewelry

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This article was published on 2010/10/22